Camden Art Centre
London, United Kingdom

Erik invited to Inner Space in London to collaborate with his artwork and exhibition at Camden Art Centre during his residency program: exploring the experience of the art, as it is experienced. So the very art is the experience it creates, the interaction when art object and subject conflate. Inner Space is a meditation and development centre and our approach is to enable every individual, from all walks of life, to experience their own inner peace, love, joy — and reflect that back into their life. So Erik’s work was very much in tune with what we do, in a very creative and innovative way. It was a natural collaboration. Daniela, one of our meditators, ran the first session. She said “I was dressed in white and seated on a wooden bench. In front of me, Erik’s Sun, reflecting back the beautiful blue sky. Around me about 70-100 people, silent, being guided into an experience of empowerment and of being the Sun themselves, of experiencing all barriers dissolving and connecting with their inner light, their inner peace. It was a beautiful experience for me to witness and be part of”.

Text by Arti